Accidental Death Insurance

Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) is a specific type of insurance coverage that you can either purchase as an endorsement, or rider, on your existing life policy or as a freestanding policy. AD&D coverage pays proceeds to your beneficiaries in the event of a lethal accident or an accident that causes you to lose a limb or a major function, such as your sight or speech. Accidental death is meant to supplement existing life insurance policies for people who are at risk for such perils and/or may be inadequately covered by their basic life policies. We’ll explain accidental death coverage in more detail in these posts.

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Understand Accidental Death Insurance

There are many factors you need to take into account when you discuss insurance policies. There might even be some policies you are not too familiar with. How about accidental death insurance? Do you know what this type of insurance will do for you and your family in the result of an accidental death? Before [...]

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