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You may be able to scrape by without medical insurance, but you are taking tremendous risks with your health and your finances in doing so. Paying out of pocket for an occasional doctor’s visit or prescription may not take that heavy of a toll on your budget, but one catastrophic event is all it takes to put you on the brink of bankruptcy. With today’s outrageous healthcare costs, the event doesn’t necessarily even have to be catastrophic to ravage your bank account. For instance, if you needed stitches and had to visit the emergency room, you would likely face thousands of dollars of medical bills. Would you be able to absorb those expenses without serious consequences?

Accidents and unexpected bouts of bad health are just two of the many reasons to purchase a solid health insurance policy. With the right coverage, your policy will pay for hospital stays, doctor visits, and, in some cases, preventive care and prescription medications. Of course, health insurance is not cheap, but it certainly is cheaper than saddling yourself with medical debt for decades to come because of one illness or injury. By reading through our health insurance blogs, you can learn more about the health insurance industry, what coverage options you have, and how to use your policy most efficiently.

Vision Plan - Do you have vision problems? Find the best insurance coverage to save money on your prescription glasses or contacts.

Dental Plan - Been awhile since you visited the dentist? Get insurance coverage and make your next appointment today.

Children’s / Pediatrics - Nothing is more important than protecting your children. Get the insurance coverage they need to keep them healthy.

Prescription Plan - Are medication costs putting you in debt? Get prescription insurance coverage and start saving money today.

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