Children’s Insurance

Children are expensive, whether sick or well. From the time the child is born, parents face the unbelievable costs of well-baby visits, immunizations, prescriptions…the list goes on and on. As they
get older, children inevitably will get cuts and scrapes, broken bones, ear infections, and other expensive illnesses and injuries that can put a tremendous strain on any parent’s budget. Rather than face this financial burden alone, parents can invest in pediatric health insurance, or children’s health insurance. Browse through our many pediatric insurance posts to find out more about this form of health insurance.

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How to Get the New Baby on Your Medical Insurance ASAP

Having a baby is undoubtedly the most life-changing event a person could undergo. Marriage just makes two people closer than they were before, but a baby changes the life of one or both parents in a manner never before experienced by most people; you become responsible for another life. Not only do you [...]

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