A Parent’s Guide to Immunizations

If you’re about to have a baby or already have a young child, be prepared to make more than a few trips to the doctor’s office. Going to the doctor is never fun for anyone, especially your children, but it’s the best way to make sure they’re developing well. One of the reasons you’ll be visiting the doctor so much is to get your children immunized. At their young age, children are often vulnerable to serious diseases and need some help in developing a strong immune system. Immunizations do just that by boosting their immune system and providing protection from deadly infections or diseases. Despite these benefits, many parents fail to get the proper vaccines and immunizations for their children. Don’t put your children at risk, read about these common questions and schedule their next immunizations today.

Common Questions

How much do vaccines cost?

For children with health insurance, immunizations typically vary based on the insurance policy. For children without health insurance, it is still possible to get vaccinations regardless of family income. Contact your local county’s immunization program for more information.

Where can children get vaccinated?

Children can usually receive vaccinations from various health providers, such as your doctor’s office. Vaccinations can be administered by doctors, nurses, and medical assistants in most cases. Call your doctor’s office or local health clinic to get more information and schedule a vaccination.

When should I get my children immunized?

Many children receive their first vaccinations almost immediately after they are born and continue to receive them while they are young. Your doctor can tell you when your children should be receiving different vaccines, such as boosters.

Are there any side effects to a vaccines?

Generally, vaccinations have very few side effects and are completely safe. Any side effects are usually minor, but could include fever and redness or swelling where the shot was administered.

Are vaccines 100% effective?

While few things in life are ever a sure thing, vaccinations are about as close as you can get. Studies have shown vaccinations to be 90%-99% effective in children and could potentially save them from getting a deadly disease.

Do immunizations actually give children the disease they’re meant to prevent?

This is one of the common myths surrounding immunizations. It is impossible to actually get the disease from a vaccine because it contains only dead bacteria or viruses, which will help build the child’s immune system. Only some vaccines made of weakened viruses, sometimes referred to as attenuated, have the chance to give a child a mild form of the disease.

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