Will You Get the Swine Flu Vaccine?

There is a lot of talk going on about the swine flu, its symptoms and the vaccine that can possibly make it better. Certainly there has come a time when you worried about catching the virus yourself or maybe having one of your children or your spouse catch it pass it on to you. These are all credible concerns. However, amongst the worry of catching the virus or having it come into your home and infect everyone, you may probably have another concern. Should you get the swine flu virus vaccine? This is a legitimate question being that the virus is a fairly new one that means there probably have not been enough time to properly formulate the vaccine. This is being talked about all over the airwaves and you have probably heard your co-workers or friends speaking on the matter.

Certainly, you have heard the many opinions of others and are now left with the decision to get the swine flu vaccine or not. Some of your coworkers or other family members are probably ready and willing to get the swine flu vaccine if it made available to them while others may disagree with the process and choose not to get the swine flu vaccine. Well the truth of the matter is that the swine flu vaccine will come to a town near you however it will come in limited quantities. This limited quantity is to first ensure that healthcare workers are protected first. This makes since being that thy need to be well enough to take care of those that are sick. Once all of the healthcare workers have received their swine flu vaccination, the remaining vaccines will be made available to the public. The distribution of the swine flu vaccine will be administered by your local health department and will be given through vaccination clinics.

Now that you know how to go about getting the swine flu vaccine the decision of whether to get it or not is still yours to make. Many health professionals agree that if you are over the age of 25 years old and in pretty good health the regular flu shot should be enough protection. However if you are not in good health or under the age of 25 years old you should get the swine flu vaccine. Also any children 6 months old and younger should definitely get the swine flu vaccination. There is also a great risk for women that are pregnant and adults that are chronically ill. Therefore, if you fall into this category, you should definitely get the swine flu vaccine. As with anything, you should do as much research as possible so that you know all that you can about the vaccine and its side effects. You can do this by talking to your physician or your child’s pediatrician. You can also get their opinion on whether or not they feel you are in need of the swine flu vaccination. Once you have done the proper research, you will feel more comfortable with making the decision to get the swine flu vaccination or not.

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