5 Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs

Prescription medication can be costly and prices are only rising. When finances are tough, some people have stopped taking their medications, or have decided to split pills without informing their doctor. This could have disastrous consequences, especially if you need the drugs to prevent serious conditions like heart attack or stroke. Don’t go without the prescriptions that you need, even if your insurance doesn’t cover it. Try these five methods to save on your medication instead.

Ask Your Doctor for Cheaper Drugs

If you have a prescription that’s costing you too much money, you can always ask your doctor if there is a less expensive drug that is just as effective. There may be a generic pill that will work for you, or an inexpensive drug in the same class of drugs as the one you’re currently taking. If your doctor doesn’t have an alternative for you, ask your pharmacist. They might be able to get you a cheaper drug that will work just as well. Your insurance company often would prefer that you take the cheaper drug anyway.

Get Help

If you need medication and don’t have enough insurance, but are in a low-income family, you might be able to find a prescription assistance program to help you out. In addition to income limits, there are often asset limits, so don’t expect to be able to get help if you have $500,000 invested in mutual funds, even if you only make $15,000 a year. You can find out if there is a program that you are eligible by checking with your doctor, searching the internet, or going to the web site of the company that makes the drug that you need to take.

Use Snail Mail

If you have an ongoing prescription, you can often save money by ordering your medicine through the mail. You will have to plan in advance, because you will have to wait for the drugs to be mailed to you, but this is often the most cost effective way to buy drugs. Some insurance companies prefer this delivery method.

As Seen on TV is Not Always the Best

Drugs are advertised on television because pharmaceutical companies want to make money. They want you to see the ads and ask for the drug. These drugs are often more expensive, and will cost you more out of pocket, even after insurance pays its part. There are often several alternatives to these drugs being advertised on television.

Do You Need All The Medicine?

If you are taking several medications, you may want to ask your doctor if it is necessary to take all of them. This can be especially true if you have seen several doctors. You may no longer need some of your drugs, or can cut back on some of the drugs that you have been taking. It is important that you talk to your doctor about cutting back, rather than choosing to not renew some of your prescriptions, as some drugs are more important to take than others.

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