How to Get the New Baby on Your Medical Insurance ASAP

Having a baby is undoubtedly the most life-changing event a person could undergo. Marriage just makes two people closer than they were before, but a baby changes the life of one or both parents in a manner never before experienced by most people; you become responsible for another life. Not only do you have to concern yourself with the care and feeding of another person, but you are also going to have to clothe them, educate them, see to their emotional needs. Not to mention you need to make sure that they stay healthy and receive quality medical care, hopefully with a good insurance plan like the one you have.

Is My New Baby Covered?

If your current health insurance plan is covering your maternity expenses, then rest assured that the insurance company is aware that you have a child on the way and your plan will have to change slightly to accommodate for that. The maternity coverage of your plan will provide protection for your child during and immediately following the birth at no additional expense.

Get on the Phone

The best way to ensure that your child receives the same coverage that you are accustomed to in the days and years following the birth is to give your insurance company a call about a month before your due date and give remind them that your child is coming soon and that you will want to have him/her fully covered under the same plan that you are. They will notate your account, and your child will be effectively covered from the day they are born - but you will want to call them after the blessed event to let them know that the baby has arrived. They will then pro-rate the additional premium for the child into your next payment.

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