Dental Insurance

A visit to the dentist’s office is an unpleasant prospect for most people, and not just because of the spine-chilling sounds and pain. Dental services are also extraordinarily costly. In fact, on average, a cavity filling costs $100-$250, and a root canal costs $800-$1200. Even worse, the overwhelming majority of health insurance plans do not cover dental services. Unless you want to pay out of pocket for everything from routine cleanings to emergency procedures, you should look into dental insurance. For very reasonable premiums, you can get the coverage you need to attend to your oral health without breaking your budget. Read more about dental insurance in our blog posts for this category.

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The Cost of Dental Care

Getting great dental care is becoming more painful then actually going to the dentist. Find out how you can save some money in the ever growing world of dental care. It may help you a lot.

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