Universal Life Insurance

Universal life coverage falls somewhere in between term and whole life—an amalgam of the two. On the one hand, universal life accumulates cash value just like a whole life policy. On the other hand, universal life also offers flexible premiums and death benefits that more closely resemble a term life policy. Policyholders of universal life coverage can periodically adjust the death benefit of the policy to adequately reflect their evolving needs. The premiums then fluctuate according to the level at which the death benefit is set. For more information about the flexibility, tax benefits, and security of universal life, read through the blogs in this category.

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Basics of Universal Life Insurance

If you would like a life insurance policy that changes as your coverage needs change, universal life insurance is a wise choice. With universal life, you can alter your death benefit periodically whenever your life insurance needs evolve. In this post, we’ll cover the fundamentals of universal life and its pros and cons.

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