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So you’ve had that big cruise vacation with your family planned for months and have already paid the nonrefundable fees only to find out that you won’t be able to make it because your daughter ran away in the night with that creepy kid that lives up the street– you know, the one that pronounces his r’s like w’s and almost ran over your dog. What now? There are myriad unpredictable situations that could arise and keep you from taking your cruise: emergency hospital visit, death in the family, a pet spontaneously combusting, et cetera. But with cruise insurance you’d be reimbursed for your missed vacation.

Cruise insurance is similar to other types of insurance. It covers unforeseen emergencies and you wish you’ll never have to use it; but, if you do, you want a favorable policy to protect you. Nonetheless, most travelers don’t expect to have any problems, so they don’t purchase insurance, only to have their vacations ruined when something does arise. Many people haven’t even heard of cruise (or any other type of trip) insurance. But it can give you peace of mind you wouldn’t otherwise have had when you embark on that coveted and costly trip.

Potential Problems on a Cruise

Cruises aren’t like other types of trips: if you’re hurt or become sick onboard or in a foreign port, the cruise liner has limited liability and is required to remove you from the ship. They aren’t responsible for any medical or emergency transportation costs, and the cruise will continue as planned– with or without you. Some foreign countries, like Canada, have great medical facilities, but others don’t and you might want to be treated America. Air evacuation can cost you up to $100,000. However, trip insurance typically covers this cost.

You could also miss your cruise because of illness before your departure and have to cancel. Cruise insurance covers this as well, for you and your family. Some policies even cover pre-existing conditions which could interrupt your vacation. In addition, it also covers problems like airline connection issues, lost or damaged luggage, and much more. There are different insurance plans to suit your needs with differing prices. Start your cruise off on the right foot and make sure your trip is insured.

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