De Lorean Insurance

Insuring a car is a complicated matter as is; insuring the famous De Lorean from Back to the Future fame is an almost impossible task in itself.

De Lorean Claims

As most of us know, the De Lorean had quite a few adventures in its life time. Many of which left the car altered, damaged or in other vicarious situations that could constitute an insurance claim. They include:

  • Being shot at by Libyan Terrorists in the parking lot of Twin Pines Mall in 1985
  • Running over one of Mr. Peabody’s Pine Trees in 1955
  • Getting struck by lighting twice 1955
  • Severed gas line while attempting a get away from Indians in 1885
  • Getting completely destroyed by a train in 1985

As we can see, the De Lorean could submit many claims to its insurance company.

Insurance Conundrums

As we would expect, there are a few pitfalls when it comes to insuring the De Lorean. They include:

  • What Year is it? It is reasonable to think the original De Lorean would have been insured by an insurance company existing in 1985. What does this mean for insurance claims that took place in different times? Would the 1985 company handle a claim that happened in 1955? When the De Lorean got stuck by lighting, while in the air, and sent back to 1885; well how does one submit that claim?
  • Auto Insurance? When the De Lorean ventured into the future, the year 2015, it received an upgrade that allowed it to fly. The question becomes if the De Lorean gets into an accident while in the air, is this an auto insurance claim? Does this fall under a completely different aircraft claim? Perhaps it would be best if Doc Brown got his De Lorean insured in 2015 as well as 1985, but then that would be double the premium payments wouldn’t it?
  • Too Early? In the third installment of the Back to the Future trilogy, we saw Doc Brown and his beloved De Lorean stuck in 1885, before auto insurance existed! This would mean Doc Brown would have to wait decades for auto insurance to be created then try and get his broken down De Lorean insured. This isn’t feasible, who would insure a car that does not work that has been sitting in a cave for 70 years?
  • No Auto Insurance? The easy answer may be to avoid getting auto insurance all together. Just remember, not having your vehicle insured is illegal if you are planning to drive it. The last thing anyone wants is Doc Brown getting his De Lorean taken away from him and falling into the wrong hands (like Biff Tannen’s).
  • Flux Capacitor? Most auto insurance coverage will cover everything inside a car as well, so it is feasible that a flex capacitor would be covered under the De Lorean’s current insurance claim. It’s not like one can go to the local dealership and get that replaced, however.

Too Difficult to Insure?

It just may be too difficult to insure the De Lorean, in 1985. Doc Brown’s best option is to insure the De Lorean in the future, when people are more open to the radicalism of his De Lorean. I am sure somewhere in the future there exists some sort of time machine insurance. Now, insuring that time traveling train that Doc Brown invented is a whole other story.

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