Do Women get Life Insurance

Although it wasn’t always this way in the United States, most people would agree that women need life insurance just as much as men and some would even argue that they should have more. While women have always been considered the caretakers for their families, many also work and provide vital income. A mother’s passing can leave her spouse in a predicament – does he stay home to raise the children or work even more to replace her income? It’s all but impossible to do both, which is why women and men alike need life insurance policies. The benefit from their life insurance can replace the lost income or provide the money to hire help for the family. Here are some other reasons why both women and men need life insurance and what they should consider when purchasing it.

Why Women and Men Need Life Insurance

  • To replace the lost income after your death and provide financial security for your family’s future.
  • To pay for any final expenses from your passing, such as medical bills and funeral expenses.
  • To fund your children’s future college education or other long term goals.
  • To care for family or relatives that may rely on you financially or never be self-sustaining.
  • To create a nest egg for investments that may be affected by your loss, such as retirement.

Things to Consider when Buying Insurance

  • The first thing to consider when buying life insurance is your age. If you’re still fairly young, you can probably get a low rate on a policy that lasts well into old age. Older individuals will pay more for life insurance, but probably don’t need their policy to last quite as long.
  • You should also think about your salary, your spouse’s salary, and your family’s lifestyle. What would it take for them to maintain their lifestyle without you or your income? Also, how will your passing affect long term needs such as retirement?
  • Finally, you should consider the needs of your dependents. How many people rely on you financially? How much money do they need to comfortably live their lives? How long will they rely on you? While children will generally have their own income at some point, you may have relatives or parents in nursing homes that will need your help for the rest of their lives.

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