Get Extra Coverage For These Household Items

If you own a home, you probably have homeowner’s insurance to protect the home itself or yourself from liability in case of injury caused to others on your property or by your home. Most homeowners also carry an insurance policy to cover their personal household effects and items. Generally this insurance type is based on a flat amount that you decide on depending on the overall estimated value of all of your household items in case of a catastrophic loss, but there should be more to your thinking when deciding how much coverage to pick up.

Sentimental Value

A photograph isn’t worth much unto itself, but if it is the last remaining photograph of your great grandmother, its value suddenly becomes a lot greater. While it is true that no amount of money will bring back your precious memories if they were destroyed somehow, it’s better to be heartbroken with a wad of cash than heartbroken with absolutely nothing to show for it. Alternatively, you can try to protect those precious memories by digitizing them and getting them into your computer which brings up the next point…

High-Tech Items

If you are technically minded or a big fan of technology and have many electronic toys, such as rooms full of computers, laptops, printers, scanners, or a home office, or perhaps a home-theatre with massive television, projector and all of the latest Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft consoles, then you want to consider extra coverage specifically for these items. Rather than trying to figure in the cost of all of your equipment into your overall policy amount, you can simply request an amount of extra coverage just for these items - it is usually less expensive and will help replace them if - for whatever reason - they are the only things in the house that are lost or stolen.

The Family Jewels

Diamonds? Pearl necklaces? Other precious stones or jewels? These items should also receive exceptional coverage under your policy - that is to say they should be named by you specifically with a value attached to them. Letting your insurer know about items that you are particularly attached to or concerned about the possibility of losing allows them to tailor your policy specifically to you rather than over-insuring you or possibly not providing ample coverage for those items should they be the only ones lost.

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