Flood Insurance

Floods don’t necessarily have to be of epic proportions to cause catastrophic damage to your home. For instance, the National Flood Insurance Program reports that, on average, just two inches of
flooding can cause $7,800 of damage to your home. When you compare the magnitude of the potential damage to the actual cost of flood insurance (usually only a few hundred dollars per year for most
regions), not carrying coverage seems especially illogical. Your home, your memories, and your possessions are too valuable to go without flood coverage, and we can assist you in finding a policy with our complimentary referrals. Additionally, you can check out our flood insurance articles for supplemental information on flooding and how these policies work.

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Do I Need Flood Insurance to Supplement My Home Policy?

Is it always necessary for you to get flood insurance to supplement your home insurance policy? Take your time and read through this information and decide for yourself if flood insurance is something that you want to get.

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