Hidden Expenses Behind Motorcycle Insurance

If you have a motorcycle you still need some form of car insurance. Yeah, you guessed it, this form is called motorcycle insurance. There are some hidden costs that you must watch out for with motorcycle insurance, and you need to know what those are. Always be prepared and look to get the best deal on insurance that you possibly can. Make sure to ask questions when you get in contact with a motorcycle insurance agent. The following information is just meant to help you start out down the path and for you to gain some knowledge of expenses.

Different Bikes, Different Charges

You shouldn’t begin looking for the cheapest types motorcycle insurance you can get. You need to be looking for the most efficient and helpful type of insurance possible. One of the hidden expenses comes when you get a faster, larger bike. Smaller commuter motorcycles can run with a premium of about $200. This can trick people into thinking this is a flat rate for all bikes. However, these people are in for a big shock when they try to insure their high powered racing bike, and the premium is over $1,000. Different motorcycles carry different risks, and if we know one thing about insurance companies it is that they are cautious when it comes to the risk factor involved.

Guest Passengers

Auto insurance will regularly cover other passengers who might be in the car with you. This comes standard so it is never a concern. Guest riders, in regards to motorcycle insurance, are a completely different issue. Some states make it mandatory that you have some sort of guest passenger coverage on your motorcycle insurance. This will be something that adds onto your premium. Other states make this optional, so you can decide if you want it or not. If you do not want it then you must commit to not having anybody else on motorcycle, otherwise you can face fines. You may not have heard of this before, which is why we wanted to call it to your attention.

Personal Injury

Driving around in a metal box is a lot different then driving on a motorcycle. People forget to translate this over when the topic of injury protection comes up. You can suffer serious injuries regardless of which vehicle gets in an accident, but motorcycles are more of a risk. One of the major hidden costs that come from motorcycle insurance is not the insurance itself, but being under insured. If you are under insured you will face costs on fixing your motorcycle and potential hospital costs that you did not see coming at all. This is why you need to up your insurance coverage on your motorcycle to an acceptable rate. Spend a little bit more now to save yourself some costs in the future.

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