How to find affordable health insurance

Finding affordable health insurance is all about finding the right plan for you. There are many health insurance companies working today so there is one out there that is going to fit your needs. The younger you are and the better your health history is, the more affordable your health insurance plan will be. Depending on how high your deductible is, your premium will be lower. So if you almost never see a doctor then it makes sense to get a higher deductible so you are paying less per month for health insurance.

Find the Right Plan

There are three main plans you can get when it comes to health insurance: PPOs, HMOs and indemnity. Indemnity will allow you to see any doctor you want but this flexibility will end up costing you the most. A lot of times you have to pay the medical bill yourself then apply for reimbursement from your insurance company. Indemnity is only for people who want to see a certain doctor that normally would not be covered; it is the most expensive and rarest of the coverage plans today. HMOs restrict your choice of doctors you can choose from but it also costs the least amount of money. PPOs are the middle ground between HMOs and indemnity.

Premium or Deductible?

Finding the most affordable health plan for yourself is based on your needs. If you do not really care who your doctor is then an HMO might be the best choice for you. They will give you a choice of doctors that they have pre screened and the costs for visits to these doctors are the lowest. The larger you make your deductible, the cost that comes out of your wallet, the lower your premium, monthly payment, will be. If you are relatively healthy you could make your deductible high and save money thanks to lower premiums. Choosing between deductibles and premiums is a bit of a gamble. You are basically gambling on your future health. If you feel you will not be healthy then spring for the low deductible. If you are the shining image of health then that high deductible and low premium is right for you. Just make sure you get the best health insurance plan your money can buy by researching health insurance quotes.

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