Insurance Discounts for Boating Safety Classes

The advantages to completing a boating safety course are innumerable. For one, boating is a potentially dangerous activity that places you far away from accessible help. The more knowledgeable you are about proper boating protocol, the more likely you are to be cautious and prudent when out on the water. Secondly, many states require boaters to have a license and certification. In order to receive these documents, boaters must complete an approved course. Finally, almost all boat insurers offer discounts to policyholders who successfully complete an approved boating safety course. These courses are widely available and well-worth the investment. Read on for more information about how boating safety courses can help you.

License & Certification

You may want to take a boating safety class to lower your insurance rates, but if your state also has licensing and certification requirements, you might as well kill two birds with one stone. Find out which educational institutions are authorized to issue boater licenses and certificates, then cross-reference that list with those that your insurer has approved. If you can, register for a class that is approved for both purposes. The most respected authorities on boating safety instruction are listed below.

  • United States Power Squadrons. The USPS classes will qualify you for a boat insurance discount and will tailor the course information to the specific requirements of your state, if such mandatory boating education laws exist. The USPS offers several convenient ways to complete a boater education class: in a classroom setting, online, or at home with instructional DVDs and an official handbook. The tests for all three learning settings are usually administered online. The most popular offering of the USPS is called “America’s Boating Course.” Interested boaters can sign up on the company’s website.
  • U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. The Coast Guard offers boating education to people of all experience levels and ages. The instructors of the courses are members of the United States Coast Guard and will impart the service’s high standards to their students. The Coast Guard has education classes for all boaters in addition to specialty classes for power boaters, sailors, and even children. The courses intended for children emphasize water and boating safety. These classes are offered all over the country, and you can consult the Coast Guard’s website for a course in your area.

Taking a Class for Insurance Discounts

We’ve listed the steps you should follow in order to take a boater safety course for insurance savings. Remember that you may also qualify for discounts by purchasing your homeowner’s insurance and boat insurance from the same company.

  1. Contact your insurer for a list of approved courses. Ask your insurance agent what classes will qualify you for a discount if successfully completed.
  2. Choose the setting or location of your course. Contact the company that provides the boater education class and sign up for online instruction or choose a location near you.
  3. Provide your certificate of completion to your insurance agent. Once you complete the course and the associated exam, provide a copy of your certificate and/or license to your insurer to have the discount applied to your policy.
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