Jessica Taylor’s Personal Insurance Story

Early in Jessica Taylor’s life she never had to worry about insurance. Luckily, her parents always helped her out with that, and they never made her worry about it. If Jessica followed the rules and did not get into trouble then they would continue to do so until she graduated from college. When she got out of college her eyes were open to the important world of insurance and how it truly would work. At first it was really overwhelming.

On Her Own

Jessica made the decision early on that she was going to keep her health insurance, even though it is something that is expensive. She had a few surgeries that she needed covered. Jessica had to search long and hard for someone who would cover exactly what she needed to have covered. She was glad to find that there was a health insurance company out there that would help her with her needs. Some of her friends just got generic health insurance and they suffered because of it.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is something that Jessica really look to work to her advantage. The first year out of college it was pretty expensive, because she no longer got a student discount. At the end of the year though she got some great news. Since Jessica did not get any tickets or get into any accidents that year they dropped her rates. About $350 was dropped from what she had to pay each year. Needless to say Jessica was going to drive even safer the next year in hopes that the same thing will happen to her again. Car insurance should be something you used to your own help.

Her Story

Those are the only types of insurance that Jessica has at the moment. She has asked her insurance provider about life insurance and home insurance, but that is just for the future. It took her about a year to realize how to really work the insurance so that it comes back to benefit her. Yeah, it is a burden some months and it is never fun to pay, but she found in her life that if she looks for ways to put a positive spin on it that it becomes easier.

Jessica’s brother and sister are both reaching their college graduations. She is going to give them some tips on what they can do to save themselves some money. Hopefully they can start their savings right away. It is so important to make sure you do early research on how your insurance will work in your life, just like Jessica did.

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