More Auto Insurance Definitions

The more definitions you know when dealing with insurance the better off you will be. That way you will not come across any words that are confusing. If you rely on people to explain the words to you, then you may not be getting the best definition. So know what you are dealing with and know how all the words interact. Here are some more definitions to help you along the auto insurance journey.

Know These Words!

  • Gap insurance

If you owe more on the car then it is worth, gap insurance is for you. This insurance will help pay off the remainder of the car if it gets stolen or in an accident. You may need this type.

  • Bodily injury liability

If you get in a wreck and the other person suffers injuries, this is the part of the insurance that will pay for that. This also includes any loss of wages as well as the medical expenses that are needed.

  • Rental reimbursement

If your car is in the shop and will be there for a few days you may need a rental car. This part of the insurance helps you by giving you money back for the rental car you may need in the event this happens.

  • Auto insurance score

This is kind of like a credit score, but it only deals with auto insurance. Your credit score is a factor when judging this, but there are also some other factors. They are:

  • Driving record
  • Age
  • Marriage status
  • Area you live in
  • Type of car you drive

Know All the Options

It is one thing to know the basics of auto insurance. But in order to really get the best deal possible you need to know about the options and all the extras that could be included. You need to know what options and details you want to include in your policy, and what you will not need. This can be the difference between spending a large amount of money, and not much at all.

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