Smoking and Your Life Insurance Policy

Even though we’re paying more for just about everything in the world these days, there is actually one product costing us substantially less – life insurance. In the past decade, prices for life insurance have reached all time lows, which means now might be the best time ever to buy an insurance policy for just about anyone, except smokers that is. The cost of life insurance has fallen by nearly 50% in the last decade for smokers and non-smokers, however, premiums actually rose slightly last year for smokers. To many analysts, this could very well be a sign for the beginning of the end of decent rates for smokers and even non-smokers eventually. Those looking to still take advantage of low rate life insurance need to start their quest to quit smoking soon, as most life insurance providers continue to place you in the smoker category until you’ve quit for a full 12 months. If you’ve already kicked the habit, check out some of these other ways to save money on your life insurance policy.

Other Ways to Save on Life Insurance

  • Only buy what you need for life insurance. Talk to your financial advisor and calculate exactly how much life insurance you should have, there’s no reason to overpay for something you may never use.
  • Get your life insurance policy while you’re as young as possible. One of the most important factors in determining life insurance premiums is your health and you’re likely to have fewer health problems while you’re still young. Also, do your best to eat healthy and exercise to maintain your health.
  • Don’t immediately sign up for a life insurance policy with your work. While your employer can usually provide great health insurance benefits, their life insurance policies often leave something to be desired. You could also lose the policy if you quit your job or became disabled and can no longer work there. Instead, shop around and find the best policy to fit your needs.
  • Keep in mind that as your life changes, so should your life insurance policy. You may still want some sort of policy after you’re children have grown up and left the house, but you almost certainly don’t need as large of one.
  • Finally, if you’re under the age of 50 and not filthy rich, go with term life insurance over a whole life policy. It’s easier to deal with and almost always much cheaper compared to whole life.

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