The Home Insurance Claim Process

Ah, the home insurance claim process - considered by many as one of the most dreaded and frustrating events you could possibly go through. Of course, if you’re filing an insurance claim, it almost certainly means something bad has happened to your home and usually, your main concern is just getting it fixed as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the home insurance claim process makes fast repairs difficult if not downright impossible. In most cases where there is significant damage, you’ll more than likely get a visit from one of the company’s insurance adjusters. The adjuster will inspect the damage and report back to your insurance provider, who will then offer to settle the claim. Keep in mind that you don’t have to accept their offer and you should contact your insurance agency if it is not acceptable to you. Here are some tips in getting through the claims process.

Tips for Dealing with the Claim Process

  • Possibly the most important thing in going through the home insurance claim process is that you understand your insurance policy. Before even making your claim, you should fully understand what’s covered under your policy and what’s excluded from it. Also know how much of a deductible you’ll have to pay.
  • If someone is at fault for the damage to your home, make sure you get a copy of an official police report. That report could go a long way in getting your claim processed in a timely matter.
  • Don’t settle on the first repair estimate you get, you should get multiple estimates from several different companies. It can make the insurance adjuster’s job much easier and speed along the process.
  • Your home insurance policy should cover you in making temporary repairs to the damage in your home. However, wait until you hear from the claim adjuster before making permanent repairs. Don’t forget to make copies of the bills and receipts for any temporary repairs you make.
  • Finally, try to be patient throughout the claims process. If you have a difficult claim that requires intricate repairs, you can probably expect the claim’s process and repairs to take several months.

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