What the Home Seller Doesn’t Want You to Know Before You Buy…

Raise your hand if you find it hard to believe that a seller might withhold information from a home buyer. Well, this is not something that is ridiculous because it happens to more people than you might think. It is important that you learn every single thing about the house you are looking at buying. You do not want to sign all the papers and have everything finished only to find out that this house is not what you expected it to be. The following are some of the things that you can ask your seller about in order to make sure you are getting the best home possible. You do not want to be stuck with a lemon for a home.

Major Repairs

You would think that big repairs would be something that the seller would want to tell you about. Those repairs obviously improved the house right? Well, the seller, and some buyers might not see it that way. They might see major repairs as a sign of weakness. This means that something very bad was wrong with the house and it might scare the buyer off. The seller does not want to say anything that can drive you away, so they will just be safe rather then sorry. You need to know about all the major repairs done.

Bad Surroundings

Sellers might try to hide the fact that the surroundings might not be ample. Do they live near a train? Are they a fly over zone for planes? Do the houses around them like to have loud parties, or cause a lot of noise? If you worry about these things then you must make sure that you ask them about these. You do not want something like this to go unnoticed. Bad surroundings can really be a negative thing and they can affect your home life. If you truly care about this then do not let them hide any information for you about it.

Potential Troubles

The seller might have neglected any major repairs. If there have not been repairs done then you must ask about the possibility of future repairs. You need to catch potential troubles before they catch you. You do not want to buy a home that is going to need a bunch of work done on it soon, especially if that work was neglected by the previous owner. You do not want to take responsibility for something that should have been their responsibility long ago. Becomes familiar with any future troubles that might be faced.

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