Don’t Risk Driving an RV Without Insurance

For many people who don’t drive often, RV insurance seems like an unnecessary expense. This can be true, if you don’t drive enough to justify the monthly premium. Many people in New York don’t even own cars; therefore, they have no need for insurance. If you do own a car, but barely drive, you may think RV insurance is not warranted for you. What happens, however, if you get into an accident the one time you decide to drive insurance free?

Insurance Free, Not the Way to Be?

Just because you barely drive doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance. It’s not as if you are only going to have a problem if you get into an accident. If you are stopped by a police officer for any reason they are going to ask you for proof of insurance. If you can’t prove you are insured you will be facing a rather large fine and could have your license suspended.

If you are driving someone else’s car, and they have insurance and have given you permission to drive, then you are most likely going to be covered by their policy. This only really works if the car is not yours, but it is good to know that if you need to drive somewhere in a hurry you can borrow a friend’s car.

Don’t Risk It

If you own a car and only drive once a month, it is still not a good idea to risk it. You can get insurance policies that cost less because you drive your car less. It might be a good idea for you to look into that. You may be able to get away driving without insurance, but you never know when it could come back and haunt you.

Also, make sure you always have proof of insurance with you. I recently had a friend who as pulled over. He had insurance but didn’t have proof of insurance, and he still got fined! RV insurance is all the rage in the United States, so if you do not have it, get it! Don’t tempt fait for too long because it will come back to haunt you.

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