Terms of Health Insurance

The more you know the more you grow. I’m sure you all have heard that phrase and might even be sick of it by now. Well, it is actually pretty true. You need to know what you are getting into in order to get the best deal you can. This is especially true with health insurance. Health insurance is so important. So in order to help you with your health insurance needs, here are some key words that you will come across.

Important Health Insurance Definitions


This is a prepaid medical plan. It stands for Health Maintenance Organization. When you sign up for this plan, then you are agreeing that you will use the specific providers that your insurance covers.


This stands for Preferred Provider Organization. If you agree to use the providers within the network then you will get discounted rates on the services. If you use a provider outside of the network, then you will get some of your charges reimbursed.


This is when you split the cost of medical care with your insurance company. You will be in charge of a flat fee for things like prescriptions, and tests. The insurance company will then pay the rest of the charge.

Supplemental medical insurance

This is coverage that is not included in the main health insurance package. Otherwise known as “Part B.” This will help to cover basic medical expenses. The government helps you pay for part of it.

Group insurance

The job you work at may have the option of group health care. This would entail a master policy that an employer undertakes for the benefits of the employees. You should find out if you qualify for this.

Insure a Smart Decision

Do not get stuck with a health insurance plan that does not mean your needs. You need to know that you have done the research and that the plan you choose will go all out for you. So take the extra time and become more familiar with what is happening. Then you will be able to have full comfort with your protection.

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